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CRW Strategy

Market Leadership in Ethnic Social Media

Why Ethnic Social Media?

The worlds of social media and ethnic media are rapidly changing. To take just one example, WeChat has over 900 million active users, and is the platform of choice for nearly 2.5 million foreign-born Chinese American population in the United States. WeChat is an addictive and full-featured platform, with a majority of users spending more than 2 hours a day and a third of users spending more than 4 hours a day on the platform. It is also critical tool for commercial, social, and political communication, and is place where rumors run rampant.
Corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies need to be actively engaged on ethnic social media platforms such as WeChat in order to spread awareness and combat misinformation about their brands, goods, and services.
We are a team with considerable expertise in messaging and framing on social media, and we offer a range of services for corporations, nonprofits, and campaigns who wish to survive and thrive in the new world of ethnic social media. 
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